face of a polyhedron

cara de un poliedro

English-Spanish mathematics dictionary. . 1964.

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  • Face (geometry) — In geometry, a face of a polyhedron is any of the polygons that make up its boundaries. For example, any of the squares that bound a cube is a face of the cube. The suffix hedron is derived from the Greek word hedra which means face .The (two… …   Wikipedia

  • polyhedron — (n.) 1560s, from Gk. polyedron, neuter of adjective polyedros having many bases or sides, from polys many (see POLY (Cf. poly )) + hedra seat, base, chair, face of a geometric solid, from PIE root *sed to sit (see SEDENTARY (Cf. sedent …   Etymology dictionary

  • Polyhedron — Polyhedra redirects here. For the relational database system, see Polyhedra DBMS. For the game magazine, see Polyhedron (magazine). For the scientific journal, see Polyhedron (journal). Some Polyhedra Dodecahedron (Regular polyhedron) …   Wikipedia

  • Polyhedron model — A polyhedron model is a physical construction of a polyhedron, constructed from cardboard, plastic board, wood board or other panel material, or, less commonly, solid material.Since there are 75 uniform polyhedra, including the five regular… …   Wikipedia

  • Face diagonal — In geometry, a face diagonal of a polyhedron is a diagonal on one of the faces, in contrast to a space diagonal passing through the interior of the polyhedron. A cuboid has twelve face diagonals (and four space diagonals); the cuboid s face… …   Wikipedia

  • Face configuration — In geometry, a face configuration is notational description of a face transitive polyhedron. It represents a sequential count of the number of faces that exist at each vertex around a face.There is no single standard accepted representation, but… …   Wikipedia

  • face —    Often the subject of portraits, the surface of the front of the head from the base of the chin to the top of the forehead and from ear to ear; a person s or creature s countenance, mug, or visage. Or, variously, the most significant or… …   Glossary of Art Terms

  • face angle — Geom. the angle formed by two successive edges of a polyhedron. [1910 15] * * * …   Universalium

  • polyhedron —    A three dimensional figure bounded by polygons. Each of its sides is called a face. Each of the straight lines which describe the meeting of faces is called an edge, and each point at the end of an edge is called a vertex. The plural form can… …   Glossary of Art Terms

  • face angle — noun the angle formed by two edges of a polyhedral angle • Hypernyms: ↑angle * * * noun : an angle formed by two edges of a polyhedral angle * * * Geom. the angle formed by two successive edges of a polyhedron. [1910 15] …   Useful english dictionary

  • Szilassi polyhedron — Infobox Polyhedron Polyhedron Type= Face List=7 hexagons Edge Count=21 Vertex Count=14 Symmetry Group=? Vertex List=6.6.6 Dual=Császár polyhedron Property List=NonconvexThe Szilassi polyhedron is a nonconvex polyhedron, topologically a torus,… …   Wikipedia

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